The core objective of training is to strengthen the field force so that they can understand the requirement of doctors for better care of their patients. A well informed team performs better by continuous innovation in newer technologies and can judge the need of doctors through their feedback on prevalent molecules in the market. Training hones the skills of the field force for improved presentation of their products to their target customer by highlighting the benefits of the molecule, hence caring for the health of their patients. The need of the staff remains the major concern of each training program. Training is necessary for the growth of people in this competitive market and creating a niche for their products through good communication skills and thorough knowledge of their products.

Our training activities undertaken as an ongoing process includes:-
  1. Basic Training Programmes.
  2. Induction Programmes.
  3. Refresher Programmes.
  4. Distance Learning Programmes (through interactive module).
  5. Management Empowerment Programmes.
  6. Management Development Programmes (tailored around specific needs/objectives).
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