Since the launch in 2011 ELSPL has came a long way from being young infant to an active and kicking adolescent in such a short time we have established itself in the market as one of the competitive brand to the established top Institutions and Hospitals. During our journey from the start we have achieved a lot with showing our presence in the market and made our own place in this highly competitive market.
We were also proud partner at RAJAPICON 2011 held at Jaipur, Rajasthan,
Its crowning glory is the launch of our 1st Speciality division Onco- crest (an initiative to cancer care) In October 2012. We at ELSPL are continuously striving to provide special care to our masses and cancer care is one of its speciality division which is a crest on ELSPL’s head as it has laboriously worked hard to achieve this in such a small life span. Onco-crest is an initiative of ELSPL for cancer care.
We are committed “To Care & To Make Health Blossom"

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